Fresh Gingerbread Donuts (7), royal icing dip $6.99

Deviled Eggs (4), eggs with bacon maple filling $4.99

 Yogurt Brulee, fruit, granola, honey Greek yogurt $6.99

Toasted Banana Bread, pecan butter $2.99

Avocado Toast, grain bread, avocado, sea salt, butter $4.99

Chilaquiles, chips, verde, cotija cheese, eggs, cilantro $9.99


Bacon-Maple Waffle, real maple syrup, pecan butter $10.99

 Plain Waffle, real maple syrup, butter $9.99

Add berries & whipped cream $2.99

 Caramelized Banana Pancakes (3), caramelized buttermilk pancakes mixed with banana, pecan butter, orange syrup $11.99

 Wild Huckleberry Pancakes (3), wild huckleberries in buttermilk pancakes, huckleberry syrup, butter $11.99

 Buttermilk Pancakes (3), real maple syrup, butter $9.99

 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (3), buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon swirl, real maple syrup, cream cheese butter $11.99

Dutch Baby, German style puffed pancake with lemon, butter, powdered sugar $10.99

Savory and Eggs

Full Breakfast, bacon (2), sausage (2), 2 eggs*, toast, and potatoes $11.99

Petite Breakfast, sausage or bacon (2), 2 eggs*, toast, and small potatoes $9.99

Corned Beef Hash, house corned beef, potatoes, onions, & choice of egg $12.99

B.N.G., house made biscuits and sausage gravy $9.99 add 2 eggs and potatoes $12.99

Ham + Cheese Omelet, country ham, (Swiss, cheddar, goat) with potatoes $12.99

Roasted Tomato & Avocado Omelet, walnuts, chevre with potatoes $12.99

Roasted Squash Omelet, sausage, hazelnuts & chevre with potatoes $12.99

Chorizo n’ Egg Tacos (3), cotija, onion, pepper, salsa, sour cream, flour tortillas $10.99

Benedict, English muff, eggs*, ham, hollandaise*, potatoes $12.99

Veg. Benedict, English muff, eggs*, kale, tomato, hollandaise*, potatoes $12.99

Irish Benedict, English muff, eggs*, pastrami, hollandaise*, potatoes $12.99

Country Fried NY Strip n’ Eggs, fried steak with eggs*, potatoes, gravy $ 14.99

Breakfast Fajitas, chorizo, eggs*, onion, cotija, peppers, potatoes, squash $13.99

Winter Frittata, squash, mushroom, kale, garlic, remoulade, goat cheese $12.99

Huevos Rancheros, black beans, eggs*, chorizo, chile sauce, cilantro, cotija. $12.99

Breakfast Burrito, avocado, eggs*, chorizo, cream cheese, cilantro, potatoes $12.99

The Goods

Chick’n n’ Waffles, Spokantucky fried chicken, waffle, honey butter, maple syrup, pickled peppers & slaw. $13.99

 Fish n’ Chips, Wild Alaskan Pollock hand dipped in beer batter with crispy Idaho fries & house tartar sauce $13.99

 Breakfast Poutine, sausage gravy, sharp cheddar, candied bacon and green onions over fries with eggs* $11.99

AM Fried Rice, bacon, ham, squash and green onion fried with soy sauce & kimchi, topped with pastrami & eggs* $11.99


All come with choice of side

Add a fried egg to any sandwich for $.99

Garbanzo Burger, crispy fried garbanzo patty, goat cheese, remoulade, roasted peppers, cilantro and smoky mayo $11.99

 Pastrami’wich, smoked pastrami, 10,000 island, Swiss cheese, mustard, kraut and pickles on rye $13.99

 Breakfast Club, layered country ham, bacon, fried egg and cheddar on maple grilled English muffin with honey butter & smoky mayo $8.99

 B.L.Toad in the Hole, sourdough with fried egg*, bacon, brown butter mayo, tomato, lettuce $12.99

 Yard Burger, WA beef*, grilled onion, Oregon cheddar, lettuce, grain mustard, and smoky mayo $12.99

 Brunch Burger, WA beef*, egg*, maple, bacon, French toast bun $12.99

 WhichFish, fried Alaskan pollock, toasted bun, coleslaw, tartar sauce $12.99

 Fried Chicken Po’Boy, hoagie roll, Spokantucky fried chicken, gravy, pickled jalapenos, Swiss cheese, honey butter and smoky mayo $12.99

 Shaved Cheesesteak, hoagie roll, sliced slow roasted striploin, grilled onion, mayo and Swiss cheese or Yardswhiz $13.99

 Roasted Mushroom Burger, mixed with 5 grains and walnuts, grilled and topped with avocado, sprouts, smoky mayo & red onion jam $11.99

Soup N’ Salad

Cobb Wedge, squash, avocado, bacon, radish, blue cheese, green onions, hardboiled egg, blue cheese vinaigrette. Add chicken for $2.99

full $11.99 half $7.50

 Roasted Pepper Salad, baby kale, pickled red onion, crispy asparagus, candied sunflower seeds, feta, charred green onion vinaigrette

full $10.99 half $6.99

Baby Kale & Parmesan Salad, honey-lemon vinaigrette, celery, walnuts, onion, parmesan

full $10.99 half $6.99

Curried Carrot Soup, roasted carrots with curry, cilantro, yogurt

cup $3.49   bowl $6.99

Bar Menu

Fountain Drinks                                                $2.99

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Soda Water, Mr. Pibb, Orange soda and Root beer.

 House made Soda                                            $3.99

Raspberry, Huckleberry, Vanilla Cream

 Juice                                                                      $3.49

House made Lemonade, Tomato, Fresh Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry and Apple Cider.

 Milk or Chocolate Milk                                  $3.49

 Shakes                                                                  $4.49

Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Huckleberry,

Peanut Butter.

 Floats                                                                    $4.49

Coke, Root beer, Orange Cream, Double Chocolate, and Vanilla Cream

Smoothies                                                          $4.99

Green (Kale, Pear, Apple, Banana, Lime)

Purple (Grape, Bibb, Huckleberry, Blueberry)


 “Drink” Drinks                                                         $6.99

Bloody Mary (House made)

Huckleberry Lemonade (44 Huckleberry Vodka)

Irish Coffee   (Jameson+Bailey’s)

B-52 Coffee (Kahlua+Bailey’s+Grand Marnier)

Sparkling Donkey Punch (Tequila+Grapefruit+Soda Water)

Pampelmousse (St. Germaine, Gin, Grapefruit Juice)

Blood Orange Screwdriver (Vodka+Blood Orange)


House Liquor (any on hand)                                 $6.99

Wine (house red blend or white blend)              $6.99

 Sparkling Breakfast Drinks

Sparkling– Treveri Brut                                                   $5.99

Mimosa (Grapefruit or Orange)                                $6.99

Bellini (Peach + Champagne)                                      $6.99

Royale (Peach+Cognac+Champagne)                     $7.99

Platinum (Lillet+Vodka+Lemon+Champagne)      $7.99

Deep Eddy Mimosa                                                         $7.99

(Grapefruit Vodka+Champagne+Grapfruit juice)

Flavored Mimosa’s                                                         $6.99

(Pear, Huckleberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Lemonade)

Mimosa Flight   (pick three flavors to taste)         $7.99        

Brass Monkey   (OJ + Olympia)                                  $4.99

Red Beer (Beer+ Tomato Juice)                                  $4.99

Huckleberry Shandy (Lemon+Beer+Berry)            $7.99

Bloody Hell (Blood Orange+Beer+Whiskey)         $6.99

Peach Shandy (Citrus+Peach Vodka+Lager)          $6.99

 Bottle Beer                                                                  $3.99

Budweiser, Coors Light,

Dos Equis Lager/Amber, Hamm’s Tall Boy.


Craft“ier” Beer                                                         $4.99

Rotating Stout, Rotating IPA, Bitterroot Brown Ale,

 “Yard’s Blend” – Comprised of coffees from Africa, the Pacific and Central America. Aroma/Flavor= Offers fudge, pine and maple+ chocolate and cherry into a warm earthiness. Fair Trade, Organic

 Hot Tea                                                                $2.99

Iced Tea                                                               $2.99

Chai Tea                                                               $3.49